About FoodFinder.net

Hint: The overall rating for a restaurant is weighted by the reputation of the user. Ratings by users under level 4 (Student) don't count at all

A couple of years back, I set out to create a site that helps people figure out what to eat when they dine out. The focus was on rating dishes...simply because it seemed like better information than a general restaurant rating from an pool of users. How many places have you been to that have a great cobb salad, but a lackluster burger. Almost every restaurant does at least one dish well - at least I hope so. I also wanted people to be able to rate items and restaurants without having to write multi-paragraph reviews. Just because people don’t like to write, doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t learn from their experiences. When the site launched, and data was coming in, I soon learned that many of our overall ratings just didn’t seem right. That’s when I got the idea for weighting the ratings.

Ratings by Reputation

You can't trust most food rating sites. There are simply too many people who rate with a bias. Owners, managers, competitors, and staff (both happy and disgruntled). Not to mention legitimate customers who just don't dine out enough to know any better. FoodFinder users are scored based on participation, experience, and most of all, recognition within the community. Hit and run user ratings don't even count toward a restaurant's overall rating. That is, until a diner has established themselves within our foodie community.

Search for Menu Items Along with Restaurants

Sometimes, you’re not looking for a great restaurant, but a great dish. Maybe you want to find the best chocolate chip pancakes around. How about a croque monsieur? With our menu search, tracking down those hard-to-find dishes is a piece of cake.

Recommendations For You

Finding food doesn’t just mean being able to search for your favorite dishes...sometimes, you need somebody to tell you the score. FoodFinder has developed a flavor-matching algorithm that does just that. As you rate items, we match you up with foodies of a similar palate. The dishes that they love are added to your recommendation list. Voila...you’ve now got a list of dishes to try that you’re sure to love.

You Don't Need to be a Writer to Have a Voice

Don't like writing paragraphs of copy, but dine out a lot? You can still show your stuff with our point-and-click ratings. FoodFinder was created with you in mind, allowing you to add and receive value with a simple click of mouse. Even if you never fill out a single comment card, your reputation can still grow and your experience can help diners figure out just where to eat. Beyond our simple point-and-click ratings, you can also create a portfolio of lists for both restaurants and dishes. What better ways to share your opinions with like-minded foodies than to create lists of your favorite breakfast spots or best burgers in your town.

Anyway, that’s what we’re up to. Hope we can help you find the food that excites your taste buds and gives you a reason to cheer. Bon Appetit!