Frequently Asked Questions

Your Overall Restaurant Ratings Don't Look Right? takes a different approach to rating than other sites. Our overall restaurant ratings are weighted based on the reputation of the user. Users who are fairly new to the site don't actually have any say in the overall rating of a restaurant, while those who actively participate, and have earned the respect of other foodies have a stronger voice.

Other ratings are shown as strait averages, with everybody's vote counted.

Why Do You Calculate Your Ratings That Way?

We're trying to bridge the gap between ratings created by the populace at large vs. ratings created by more qualified and experienced food critics.

So As My Reputation Grows, What Happens To The Ratings I Did When First Starting Out?

Ratings are dynamic and are constantly being re-evaluated. As your reputation grows, so will the weight of the restaurants you've already rated.

How Does The Rating Algorithm Work, Exactly?

We can't divulge the full specifics, but inspiration was drawn from Stack Overflow's reputation engine and Google's pagerank concept.

What's The Best Way To Build My Reputation?

Again, we don't want to spell out all of the specifics, but suffice it to say, a user's reputation grows as they participate, and earn the respect of the foodie community.

Why Did My Comment Card Get Rejected?

Comment cards are meant to add insight into an experience at the restaurant for which it was filled out. A comment card may be rejected for any one of the following reasons, at the discretion of a site administrator.

  • If a comment is very short or non-descriptive, it may be rejected. This is to prevent stuffing the ballot box of ratings for that restaurant.
  • Comment cards that shamelessly promote another restaurant may be rejected.
  • If a comment card contains spam (non-relevant content), it will be rejected
  • If a comment card contains too much profanity (moderation is the key), it will be rejected
The general rule of thumb is that a comment card adds value to other users of the side who are browsing the restaurant, it will be approved.

I Don't Have Any Recommendations, Yet. Why Not?

In order to receive recommendations, you need to rate menu items (rating restaurant and filling out comment cards doesn't factor in at this time). If you've rated several menu items and still haven't received recommendations, it may mean that no other users have rated the same menu items (this is common in areas with less data). In this case, tell your friends to sign up and rate dishes, and then have them do the same with their friends. As more menu item ratings are compiled, the algorithm will be able to match more effectively. Also, menu items that you have already rated won't appear in your recommendations.

I Added A Restaurant, But I Can't Find It In Foodfinder.Net

When we receive a request to add a restaurant, we verify that it's real by checking with one or more online directories. If we can't confirm the restaurant details, it won't be added. If you have a listing on Yelp, Google Local, or Yahoo Local, including that link with the request will expedite the verification process.

I've Added A Restaurant, But There Are No Menu Items. What's The Deal?

When a restaurant is added, we try to get their sample menu from their web site. A menu may not be added in one of the following situations.

  • The restaurant has no web site, or doesn't have a menu posted.
  • The restaurant has a web site, and a menu, but it cannot be easily parsed electronically (i.e. it's an image, flash, or image-based pdf).
  • The menu is in a format that cannot easily be digested by our parsers.
  • A menu is very long and we're too lazy to enter it by hand.
If you are associated with the restaurant, sending us the menu in an electronic format will guarantee that your sample menu is added.

The Menu For Restaurant X Is Wrong Or Out Of Date

This is likely true for many of our menus. This is because menus are volatile (in some restaurants, they change daily) and it's nearly impossible to keep up with the changes. If you are affiliated with a restaurant and want to have the contents of your menu changed (or removed entirely) send us an email with the restaurant link and the change request and we will make the change.

Also, when a new restaurant is added, there is an algorithm that tries to identify is that menu is part of a chain (e.g. Chili's), and may give it a default sample menu based on other restaurants in the chain.

If you see a problem with a restaurant, log in (or create an account) and you will see a simple form that lets you tell us about the issue.

I Have An Idea For An Enhancement Or Want To Report A Bug

Cool...we love feedback and want to put our the best site experience possible. Simply use the tab on the left-hand side of the site to let us know what's on you mind.

Your Site Doesn't Look Good Or Performs Slowly In IE6 (or even 7...or 8)

Nor will it, ever...time to upgrade your browser. Or, download Chrome Frame from Google